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10 & 11 July, 2024

9am - 5pm

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New Media Groundbreaking Strategies Just For You

Let us start you on the right path with clear and actionable guidance showing you methods that worked well for us and mistakes we made so you don't have to.

Many thought that just by posting just one or two videos they can go viral overnight.

Others struggle to edit videos, are unsure of what to post or are camera shy.

Some have no clue what to post to help their business.

Posting video after video, spending hours editing, but still getting little to no response?

It’s a common pain point for many business owners. Our webinar provides clear, effective strategies to boost engagement and ensure that your hard work pays off on TikTok.

Do It Right At Once!

Why not save time on video editing and generate interest with the right content?


Are You Facing These Problems?

Tough competition in the market is causing even the best products to suffer from poor sales.

Margins are decreasing due to higher costs and poor marketing by inexperienced marketers.

Limited time, resources and energy
For content creation leads to poor brand visibility and price wars.

In today's era of new media marketing where there's a ton of opportunities if you don’t do it, someone else will. Your competitors are offering the same thing like you, and ads are all starting to look alike.

So, why should customers pick you? Many say branding is the answer, but without standing out and being different, it's all just talk. That's why building a presence on TikTok is so important. It's the new and quickest way to get noticed in the digital world while TikTok is still new and generous.

TikTok lets you reach thousands of audience and capture their attention. By using TikTok, you can highlight and remind your viewers what makes you special and get ahead of the competition.

To achieve ongoing sales
LEARN IT ONCE, dedicate 2 Days, and master the TikTok strategy for lasting success.

In This Webinar, You Will Discover:

Make The Right Content to Attract Your Target Clients, including High Networth Individuals

Coach Marcus used TikTok to change his target audience from solopreneurs to high networth individuals.

Why procrastinate on your video marketing efforts?

The longer you wait, the more you lose out on opportunities.

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Act now to secure your spot before it's too late.

Whether you're a business or brand owner, professional, salesperson, content creator, head of marketing or micro SME owner from any industry, this webinar is designed for you, even if you have ZERO experience in video shooting and editing.

Attract traffic to your business and boost sales by tapping into the

new market's potential!

What is the Price that i need to pay for the workshop?

Typically, our offline courses are priced RM2,500 per person.

For now, we want to empower you to overcome your current challenges through our expertise in Short Video TikTok Marketing. So, we've decided to host this live webminar session for you to attend from home so you can attend at RM500/pax only after subsidy by SME Corp.

  • Discover the game-changing truth. Top entrepreneurs on TikTok focus on nailing "This One Thing."

  • Get the exclusive formula easy enough for anyone, even newbies to understand

  • Formulas and strategies are applicable for any industry.

  • Strategies share fulfill TikTok platform standards.

  • Join over 1,000 happy entrepreneurs

    Quick and easy to put into action!

We will share what it takes to help SME to breakthrough in New Media Marketing.

This is a OFFLINE workshop... It will be held for 2 consecutive days to assist business owners who are facing challenges and want to learn about TikTok marketing.



Please make sure you can arrange a time to attend, otherwise you will miss it!

Set RemindersDeligate current job to your teamLearn Seriously

Participate the workshop that will change the destiny of your business!

If we can help you to create and achieve at least half of the results of our students,

do you think it’s worth it?

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Teach you how to brand and create tiktok short video for your business



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